Monday, June 18, 2012

Angels Lose 5-3 Jerome Williams Hospitalized

Angels 3  Giants 5

Jerome Williams claimed he felt shortness of breath and was taken to the hospital our prayers are with him and hope he will be back in the rotation soon. 

Here is the Player Recap:

Trout: 1-4 3 Steals 1 BB 2 LOB .323
Hunter 0-3 1 BB 1 SO 2 LOB .271
Pujols 0-2 1 RBI 3 LOB .254
Morales 0-2 1 BB 2 SO 2 LOB .270
Trumbo 1-4 1R (Trumbomb) 1 RBI 1 SO 3 LOB .319
Callaspo 1-4 1R 1 LOB .245
Izturis 1-3 1 BB 1 SO 1 LOB .224
Aybar 2-4 .239
Wilson 0-2 1 RBI 1SO 2 LOB .167 ((MENDOZA LOSER))
a- Kendrick 0-1 1 SO  .267

Hit List: Mark Trumbo

Delivering the only HR for the Angels on a solo TRUMBOMB! 

Sh** List: Bobby Wilson

Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Double Play, whatever you want to call him.. god please hurry back Chris! 


  1. Heeeyyyyy Mann. Lol. I don't agree with your sh** list. Can't you cut him a little slack? He just got back from a concussion. His first game back for crying out loud lol. I know he only has 2 RBI's for the entire season, but he did get one of them tonight right?
    And we shouldn't be expecting Chris back anytime soon, as much as I miss him and want him to be back begone home plate already, I don't think we should expect to see him until late July early August. Unfortunately.

  2. I didn't think it was fair to put Jerome Wilson on and those were the 2 that qualified. Torii Hunter possibly yet he still did better than Wilson.